Jay-Z’s Rocawear Controversial ‘I Will Not Lose’ Campaign

Rocawear’s “I Will Not Lose” campaign with a theme of overcoming adversity, has sparked a legal controversy. The campaign has featured the family of Sean Bell who was shot dead by New York police the night before his wedding while unarmed. The police who shot him are currently on trial and the ads ran the day before the trial began. The lawyers of the officers are saying that the ads are a publicity stunt and may unfairly influence the jury. However, Rocawear defends the ads saying that they are “uplifting.” The timing of the ads does make me raise an eyebrow, but overall, the ads are inspiring. Nicole Paultre-Bell, Sean Bell’s widow can definitely identify with the campaign’s theme of overcoming adversity and I doubt whether an ad campaign for a clothing company will ultimately have a serious effect on the jury’s verdict. The ads will run in Vibe and Essence magazines and can be seen below:


Do you think Jay-Z and Rocawear should be criticized for running these ads at such a critical time in the case?

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5 thoughts on “Jay-Z’s Rocawear Controversial ‘I Will Not Lose’ Campaign

  1. Hell no. Its a clothing ad. It features a family who’s father figure was unjustly ripped from their lives. The backstory of the people featured in the ad combined with the catchphrase “I will not lose” makes perfect sense. Besides, good ol’ NYC will make sure those cowardly murderers will get off either scot-free or with minimal punishment.

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