Hotness Alert: Purple Cloth + GIVEAWAY despite its name, loves ANY clothing line out there as long as it’s fashionable, fun and quirky. This week, we feature one of our favorite women’s streetwear line, “Purple Cloth”. Owned by the beautiful Lydia Nam, Purple Cloth is the must-have clothing brand to energize your inner Hollywood. Check what the brand is all about:

Hi Lydia, can you tell us a bit about your Purple Cloth clothing line?
Hi dolls & CCL! (Thank you so much for this interview and those of you participating on this giveaway!) Let me introduce the brand to you guys a little: Purple Cloth is a Toronto based womens line that merges the elements of cheeky graphic images on knitwear with a feminine silhouette and the braggadocio of the street wear scene. Our website is – you can view our current (or past) deliveries at our site as well as our blog, photos, videos and all sorts of fun stuff!

Can you show us what’s coming our way this year? Your Spring/Summer 2011 collection, maybe?
We are very excited about our upcoming Spring delivery which we are starting production for very soon, your gonna be seeing tanks, tees & dresses – all graphic driven. I don’t want to give too much away, but I can say that it’s going to be the 3 F’s: fly, flirty, and fun! Think sweets, cupcakes & desserts mixed in with poking fun at female body parts!

Which celebrity do you think would rock Purple Cloth the best?
Nicki Minaj & Korean pop group, 2NE1 are our 2 faves right now as far as a true icon of what a Purple Cloth’s girl is. They got the look, the sound, and that bad-bitch, yet that real-life doll like feature we absolutely adore. We love girls that look like we dreamt them into real life! Who wouldn’t? Being regular and ordinary is boring. And regular and ordinary is the exact opposite of what we are representing. How much more fun is it to be colorful & flavorful over the bland masses? We also had the pleasure of meeting Amber Rose this past year, (who’s probably most famous to dating Kanye West) she’s a video vixen turned socialite, and a real life barbie! Her swag has been something we’ve always felt was so dope – she has such a strong sense of individuality and she knows what really works for her and her body type. She was also very sweet in person and loved all the pieces we gifted her! (We also blogged about this as well, you can check out photos of her @ We basically love any girls that have their own sense of look and style and really own it. I think we live in a generation of followers rather than leaders who don’t take risks not only in fashion but with themselves. They are too shy or timid to be comfortable in their own skin – that’s not girl power at all!

Which celebrity do you want to collaborate with the most, in terms of fashion-designing?
The first person that comes to mind is Gwen Stefani – I think she’s one of the few celebrity designers that designs for her personal taste – she’s always seen photographed in her own clothing. I see celebrity owned brands and when they are out, and they aren’t rocking their own stuff – that doesn’t seem authentic to me. I also really love Gwen’s unique look, it’s very punk/rock meets vintage hollywood – I mean who else would play Jean Harlow other then her in a movie? She’s not doing much in music anymore as far as I know now, but she’s a full time mother to 2 beautiful children and a wife. These are some things I want in the near future as well, so I just really respect her overall, and I think her brand and her personal style aesthetic would def bring something different to the table, for a collabo project.

What are the essential fashion things a girl should have in her closet?
Purple Cloth of course!! Our tees goes very easily from day to night. I love girls in tee & jeans – it’s very effortless and relaxed look that will never go out of style Tees with fun & colorful prints like our Purple Cloth tees show that the girl has personality and sense of humour which is always sexy on a woman.

What’s your favorite celebrity-owned clothing line?
There are a handful of celebrity owned brands that I love – I’m gonna say Elizabeth & James by Mary-Kate & Ashley Olsen. I’m currently wearing one of their flannel button downs today at the office, over a Purple Cloth tee with their signature corset buttons on down the back. I love their relaxed fit and style of the brand, with immaculate attention to details such as this.

Any plans to branch out to accessories?
Yes, we have made accessories in the past like belts, cuffs and bowties – we do plan on branching out into more accessories in the future. We are in talks with an accessories manufacturer, for hats, bags and gloves.

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