Victoria Beckham’s New Armani Ad
We’ve mentioned that Victoria Beckham was gonna strut her stuff for the new Armani campaign a few months ago.  Well, now we’ve got the sexy photographs. These pictures wowed us.  They’re dark, sensual, moody, sexy… and they make us wonder: Is this how Vic and Beck’s bedroom look like in the morning? LOL The photographs […]


Vic Beckham Struts Her Stuff For Armani
Okay, remember this? You’ve drooled over David Beckham (a.k.a. hubby) when he posed for the Emporio Armani underwear.  You almost crashed into somebody’s car when you see the giant billboard before you.  Your sweetie glares at you for stealing a look every now and then to that intriguing… er, shall we just say… muscles. Start […]


Victoria Beckham’s Dress Collection
British invasion yet again! Just about a week after signing her perfume deal with Harvey Nichols, the always robotic stylish Victoria Beckham is launching her dress collection for her label dVb.  After the jeans and sunglasses, it’s about time some dresses come out.  Although we often question her taste of stiff-looking getups, we can’t say […]

Victoria Beckham Marc Jacobs Ad Campaign

Victoria Beckham Is the Legs of a New Marc Jacobs Campaign
It would be an understatement to say that the Beckham’s are rich and raking in the dollars. Victoria and her husband David are everywhere endorsing every product imaginable. Victoria Beckham will be starring as the legs of the new Marc Jacobs Campaign. The campaign seen above is a picture of a Marc Jacobs bag appearing […]