T.I.’s Promotional Appearance for AKOO Clothing
“The King of the South” T.I. was at the Salvins Shoe Store, Connecticut, making a special appearance to represent his clothing line: AKOO. T.I. launched his AKOO clothing line just a few weeks ago and from what we’ve seen and heard, they’re flying off the racks. We can’t blame TI’s fans, as AKOO indeed infuses […]


T.I’s AKOO T-Shirts: Which One Do Ya Feel?
See all available AKOO items HERE We’ve been talking about T.I’s AKOO Clothing Line for ages and word is it’s gonna be launched this holiday season.  We seriously can’t handle the anticipation, simply because T.I, the rapper turned celebrity designer, has been wearing his AKOO t-shirts everywhere since God knows when.  Our men have been […]

T.I.: AKOO dropping along with album “Paper Trail”
Update: AKOO on sale NOW As we previously mentioned here and here, T.I. finally came out with his AKOO line at the Las Vegas MAGIC Show recently.  In an interview with Clinton Sparks at KarmaloopTV, the rapper reminded what AKOO stands for: “A King Of Oneself”, and not Akoo-na Matata, although it reminds him of […]

Rappers Clothing Lines Missing In Action? Double W, Foreign Money, Akoo
Update: T.I.’s AKOO clothing line on sale NOW The pop starlets are taking over in the celebrity clothing line game. Many rappers have claimed to have clothing lines in the work, but it is a never ending process I see because many have failed to launch as of today. Lil Wayne spoke about the launch […]