Celebrity Beverage Spotlight: Pharrell Offers “Qream” For Ladies!
Following his rapper friends, Pharrell Williams enters the liquor business and pertners up with one of the world’s largest spirits maker: Diageo. The rapper/producer is launching the drink titled “Qream with a Q”, a new ultra-premium cream liquor. It’s not Pharrell if there’s no artistic touches involved, therefore apart from deciding the taste, he’s also […]


Pharrell Williams and Kiehl’s Team Up for Earth Day
On April 22nd, those who care about and appreciate the Earth’s natural environment will show their love for our planet in a number of ways. Since 1970, participants in the day of environmental consciousness and celebration have held teach-ins and conferences, given speeches, worked to reduce their environmental impacts and carbon footprints, and worked to […]


Pharrell Is Boxer And Jacket Fab!
Another celebrity designer who loves strutting his own creations in public, Pharrell Williams, was seen at the LAX Airport on Monday. Word is he’s in town, along with other musicians, to work on a remix album for Maroon 5’s Call & Response.  But what’s your response to his cute cute undergarments accidentally shown when he […]


Pharrell Williams Hooks Up With Bionic Yarn
When Pharrell Williams goes bionic, he doesn’t mean getting a new bionic arm or leg.  It actually means he cares for the environment. Pharrell teams up with folks at Bionic Yarn, a two year-old textile firm based in New York dedicated to developing environmentally sustainable fabrics.  In this new role, Pharrell is both owner and […]


Pharrell Williams: Head To Toe
Grammy-winner / music producer / singer / songwriter / rapper / celebrity designer, Pharrell Williams have always designed the coolest caps for his Billionaire Boys Club clothing line. Clearly, Pharrell has quite an artistic mind, as he always knows what people would wear and look cool like him (okay, forget his latest “Urkel Style” madness).  […]