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Kardashian Sisters Threatened With Lawsuit Over “Khroma Beauty” Makeup Line
The Kardashian sisters have put the K stamp on virtually everything in the fashion world. As they are branching out to the beauty realms with the plans to launch their own makeup line called “Khroma Beauty,” the reality darlings are threatened with a lawsuit. Michael Rey, co-owner of “Chroma Make Up” in Beverly Hills told […]


Kim Kardashian Auctions Off Her ‘Non-Kanye Approved’ Clothes
If your boyfriend dislikes your clothes, what will you do? Break up with him? Most probably. But if you’re dating Kanye West, you might listen to his insights because he knows style, he designs stuff, and most importantly… he can be bossy. Even somebody as fashionable as Kim Kardashian is giving up her closet’s contents […]

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Kim Kardashian and Kanye West Shoe Line Coming Up?
So it’s more than just romance between rapper Kanye West and TV personality Kim Kardashian afterall. The couple has been seen together everywhere lately and Kanye, as he does to his other girlfriends in the past, has been ‘styling’ Kim to the nines. Recently he loves putting on his own-designed boots on Kim and it […]

Landing in Sears: The Kardashian Kollection!

Landing in Sears: The Kardashian Kollection!
Back in January of this year, news broke that those krazy Kardashians were planning to launch a mass market line of their own designs through affordable retailer Sears, and it looks like The Kardashian Kollection is finally ready to hit stores! We don’t care how over exposed Kim, Khloe and Kourtney might be – we […]

The Kardashian Kollection for Sears

The Kardashian Kollection For Sears Is Already On Sale
Few will pretend that The Kardashian Kollection is going to stir the fashion world. However, fans of the Kardashian sisters won’t be disappointed with the selection of highly fashionable items when it goes on sale. The large-scale retail chain Sears recently announced that The Kardashian Kollection is now available online at a 30 per cent […]

Finally Revealed: The Kardashian Kolors!

Finally Revealed: The Kardashian Kolors!
  They already have a juggernaut reality television empire, and clothing lines through multiple retailers like QVC, Bebe and their own DASH chain – so making a move into beauty was a natural next step for those crazy Kardashians. The kharismatic family is slowly overtaking the entire English language, sneakily replacing every hard “c” with […]

Kim Kardashian Pascal Mouawad

Kim Kardashian Launched Belle Noel Jewelry Line
One more of the many MANY collaborations between TV personality Kim Kardashian, and designers everywhere!  Kim launched her collaboration with jewelry designer, Pascal Mouawad.  After their successful collaboration for clothing line Bebe, the two worked together again and delivered Belle Noel, an affordable jewelry line which features a mash-up of edgy and classic designs. Kim […]

Kardashian Sis Bruno Schiavi

The Kardashian Sisters To Launch Kardashian Kollection
Calling Kim Kardashian fans! It’s official: the Kardashian Kollection will be available in Sears later this year. Kim herself wrote on her personal blog: I’m so excited to announce that our Kardashian Kollection will launch exclusively at Sears in August!!! We’ve always shopped at Sears, so we thought it was the perfect outlet for the […]


Kim Kardashian to Launch Watch Collection
It’s official. We love the Kardashians. We cannot get enough of their breathtaking beauty, smart business acumen and seemingly never-ending collaborations with fashion and beauty brands. Heck, we’d be happy to watch their show on the E! Network on mute just to stare at them and steal their fashion secrets. While sisters Khloe and Kourtney […]

kimkardashian fusion beauty

Kim Kardashian for FusionBeauty
Embracing turning 30, the gorgeous Kim Kardashian was welcomed with open arms by Shoppers Drug Mart in Toronto yesterday. Celebrity stylist turned designer was there to help promote Fusion Beauty, which she has been the face of since the May. Kim posed for pictures with the products, signed autographs for fans and even blew out […]