Justin Timberlake

Justin Timberlake to Launch William Rast For Target
If you’ve been a fan of Justin Timberlake’s clothing line: William Rast, but think it’s a tad too pricey, well good news is coming your way now because Justin Timberlake will make William Rast more accessible for its fans.  How will it go?  JT is in the works with co-founder of William Rast, Trace Ayala, […]

WillRast Store 01

William Rast’s Global Expansion
You’d think the tough economy will slow down celebrity designers. Well, maybe some, but that’s not the case with pop icon Justin Timberlake. His clothing line, William Rast, has launched an aggressive global retail expansion. On November 1st William Rast opened 3 stores in California, heralding the launch of 40 to 50 units by year […]


Justin Timberlake on Jimmy Fallon’s First Show!
Justin Timberlake appeared on Jimmy Fallon’s new Late Night Show.  The singer / celebrity designer reminisced some memorable moments with Fallon when they appeared at SNL on the Bee Gees sketch.  JT also did his impression of John Meyer, which made us laugh ‘coz he’s sooo good.  Jimmy Fallon made the right decision to put […]


Jessica Biel To Design For William Rast
We might be crazy about Justin Timberlake, but we don’t really favor his choice of women post Cameron Diaz.  Especially Jessica Biel, who’s said to design a line of handbags for Justin’s William Rast label.  Really?  Handbags?  We don’t really know when this is going to happen, nor do we have detailed information now, but […]

William Rast Bomber Jacket

Going Military With William Rast
We don’t usually take the military approach to fashion.  We love colors.  Add ‘vibrant’ to that.  But Justin Timberlake is just too smooth to pass on.  Just look at him! Okay, we’re not exactly just talking about dear ol’ J.T. here.  We’re buzzin’ over his William Rast fall collection.  Not so much color involved, but […]

Justin Timberlake The Face of New Men’s Fragrance for Parfums Givenchy
N’Sync look at me now! Justin Timberlake just keeps proving after years of being a successful solo artist that being out on his own is profitable. In partnership along with Parfums Givenchy Justin Timberlake will be the new face of a men’s fragrance due out later this year. So he doesn’t have his own fragrance, […]