Sweet Under $20 Fashion From JustSweet!
Who’s dat girl? Why, it’s Jennifer Lopez, the proud owner of JustSweet clothing who loves pretty getups, of course!  Oh yeah, she’s also a popstar, mommy to little Max and Emme and wifey to singer Marc Anthony. Jennifer Lopez’s JustSweet clothing line is one of the most affordable but stylish celebrity clothing lines on the […]

Jennifer Lopez Exercise Clothes and Fitness Gear
[singlepic=11,433,301] Another good look for Jennifer Lopez the serial celebrity entrepreneur-use to be singer/dancer has plans to launch another clothing line targeting the fitness market. Jennifer says the launch of the exercise clothing line is in an effort to boost her own effort to get back in shape after her pregnancy and get back that […]

Jennifer Clothing Collection

JLO and Sweetface by Jennifer Lopez
Jennifer Lopez’s JLO collection is a lifestyle brand that encompasses her life into a clothing line. The clothing brand was licensed through the Warnaco Group for a term and in partnership with Andy Hilfiger they formed the SweetFace corporation. JLO covers all grounds for young women’s juniors from jeans, t-shirts, coats, belts, purses, sunglasses, lingerie, […]