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Beyoncé Poses For European Clothing Line, C&A
Beyoncé Knowles might have been known as a singer and fashion designer for her fashion line, Dereon.  Recently, she’s also busy dressing up people’s homes in her Dereon Home Furnishings line.  But all the activities don’t stop her global domination moves.  Europe is her next target and she proves her hotness by posing for Europe’s […]

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Beyonce: House of Dereon Spring 2010 Photoshoot
Today’s eye candy would be the smokin’ hot Beyonce and her fantastic photoshoot results for House of Dereon, Spring 2010 collection.  Bey posed for her mother’s clothing line in Brazil and she’s looking fantastic with beautiful flowy dresses, just perfectly portraying a goddess in Brazil’s amazing scenery.  Gotta love the turban look! From flowy dresses […]


Beyonce’s New L’Oreal Ad: Loves It!
Finally those folks at L’Oreal did a great job on their ad with Beyonce as their star.  Why do we say so?  Let’s take a look at the newest L’Oreal ad here. We’re feelin’ Bey’s smile.  And the folks at L’Oreal finally realize that Beyonce is prettiest sans Photoshop!  This is way closer to Beyonce’s […]


Beyonce For Samantha Thavasa
So we’re still somewhat convinced that the Madonna LV ad is not the real ad they’re buzzing about in the internet.  Well we don’t really care for that anymore because there is one ad that’s real and that’s Beyonce’s Samantha Thavasa ad that’s HOT in Japan.  What’s Samantha Thavasa again, you say?  Well, it’s a […]


House Of Dereon Debuts New Collection
The higher-end of Tina Knowles and Beyonce’s Clothing line, House of Dereon, is more than just surviving.  It’s actually going strong as the mother-daughter celebrity designers revealed the newest House of Dereon collection, inspired by the movie “Cadillac Records” at Bloomingdale’s on October 28, 2008 in New York City. While there aren’t official pics of […]

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House of Dereon Girls Ads Under Scrutiny
Beyonce is actually receiving negative press for something she is part of hard to believe right? The new ads for House of Dereon for girls are stirring up opinions, because of the sexed up images portrayed by the children..well at least that’s the opinion of Constance Droganes over at ShowBiz. One reader commented and I […]