Beyonce Heat

Beyoncé’s “Heat” TV Ad Faces Hard Critique In the UK
Can Beyoncé be too hot for TV? Apparently she can. Check her newest ad for her perfume, “Heat”. People in the UK found the ad to be offensive especially because the ad is aired at daytime, during family programming. The campaign featured Beyoncé in a skimpy red dress being all seductive, described by UK’s Advertising […]

Beyonce Legging

Icelandic Fashion Brand Says Beyonce Copied Their Design
Not only swagger-jacking, an Icelandic fashion brand called E-label said that Beyonce actually stole their design for her new Fall/Holiday 2010 Dereon collection. Helba Hallgrimsdottir, one of the owners of the line stated: “This is naturally huge and I am still half in shock. I didn’t twig straight away that this was her own label: […]

Beyonce Dereon 002

Beyonce Dereon Fall 2010 and Heat Campaign: Hotness
Apparently Beyonce has a very tight schedule these days, not because she has to perform around the world, but for photoshoots. The girl is the face of her own clothing and lifestyle brand, Dereon and House of Dereon.  Yesterday Beyonce launched the Dereon Fall 2010 ad where she took ‘edgy’ to the next level.  Sister […]