Lady Gaga Wants Her Fragrance To Smell Like What?

By now we already know what Lady Gaga is all about: crazy weird fabulously quirky. And this is one quality that often shows off her originality. From the meat dress to the controversial Alejandro video, it’s suffice to say that she’s done it all.

But there’s one thing she hasn’t done, and about to do. The question is: would anybody even dare to make this aspiration a reality?

Lady Gaga is rumored to have joined the celebrity fragrance bandwagon and she wants her debut fragrance to smell like…

…blood and semen.

We heard this from the sources in the fragrance industry which was hired to develop Lady Gaga’s first fragrance. Details are still scarce, but we’ll definitely turn into bloodhound mode to find out more because we just can’t imagine Little Monsters everywhere smelling like, well, that.


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