Beyoncé’s “Heat” TV Ad Faces Hard Critique In the UK

Can Beyoncé be too hot for TV? Apparently she can. Check her newest ad for her perfume, “Heat”. People in the UK found the ad to be offensive especially because the ad is aired at daytime, during family programming.

The campaign featured Beyoncé in a skimpy red dress being all seductive, described by UK’s Advertising Standards Authority as “sexually provocative” and “unsuitable to be seen by young children”.

ASA received complaints from television viewers, who stated that their children had seen the ad in the middle of the day. Coty, the company that created “Heat” said that the TV ad was “intended to reflect the singer Beyoncé’s personal ‘sexy chic’ style” and that the ad was not “overtly graphic or explicitly sexual and at no point was Beyoncé naked”.

Coty also stated that the ad was stylized and in keeping with other ads in the genre.

But the ASA stays at its opinion and released a statement:

“Beyoncé’s body movements and the camera’s prolonged focus on shots of her dress slipping away to partially expose her breasts created a sexually provocative ad that was unsuitable to be seen by young children. We considered that the ad should not have been shown before 7.30pm due to the sexually provocative nature of the imagery.”

Check out the Heat TV ad here. Do you think it’s too hot for TV?

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