Jam Donaldson Designs Pokes Fun at Pop Culture Grammar

Remember the BET show “We Got To Do Better”…no I don’t either really, but most likely you’re familiar with the once popular site Hot Ghetto Mess owner and founder Jam Donaldson has launched a clothing line poking fun at the slang and grammar of today’s pop culture and society.

Jam Donaldson Designs press release said the following about the launch of their clothing company:

“Its time for us to start being accountable for how we speak and, in a
uniquely fashionable and entertaining way, my clothes allow people to
do just that. Plus everyone has that tired Ed Hardy.”

Here are some photos of some of the first T-shirts you can purchase online at Jam Donaldson Designs:

Conversate Is Not a Word

I Myself Isn\'t Necessary Tee

Irregardless Its Wrong Shirt Jam Donaldson

Jam Donaldson Brands

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