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In good times, especially in hard times like now, the best advice one can get is: spread the love.  We took it rather seriously, because Hollywood celebs are spreading their love with 2Love Collection t-shirts.

2Love Collection is a lifestyle brand whose celebrity-designed products endorse a message of love while benefiting charities that elevate lives. The company inspires young women to love themselves, and in turn spread the love to others. Our unique marketing initiative – designed to empower women and promote philanthropy – has struck a chord among Hollywood’s A-listers, who have signed on in droves to join the 2 LOVE mission.  In short, the celebs who design for 2Love Collection are benefiting a variety of causes.  They see it as fun, and we see it as sweet and noble.

Currently, 2Love Collection’s celebrity-designed t-shirts are exclusively available online, but next Spring, they’ll hit stores nationwide.  Among the celebs who have contributed their love are Jessica Alba, Miley Cyrus, Brittany Murphy, Michelle Branch, Mena Suvari, Mischa Barton, Molly Sims, Alyssa Milano, Jamie-Lynn DiScala, Ashanti, and Kristin Cavallari.

Here are some collections from some of the many famous faces, and the causes you’ll be contributing to should you decide to buy ’em.

The Sassy Classy t-shirt, designed by Ashanti.  Benefiting Shanty Tots.

Outrageous Courageous t-shirt by Monique Coleman.  Benefiting Starlight Starbright Children’s Center.

Love T-shirt, designed by Jessica Alba. Benefiting StepUp Women’s Network.

The full 2Love Celebrity-Designed T-shirts can be found here.  Go on, spread the love!

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