Sleepin’ Baby Phat Style

It’s kinda depressing to watch the economy spiral down like crazy.  That’s why some of us prefer to sleep it off, because sleeping takes much worries away.  Seriously.  But we stylish girls aren’t just gonna nod off with no style.  So we thought we’ll feature some of our favorite Baby Phat sleeping gear, by celebrity designer Kimora Lee Simmons, that surely won’t burn that big a hole in your pocket.  Here you go.

Baby Phat Camidoll & Cheeky Set $25.99

Baby Phat Chiffon Babydoll & Thong Set $28.99

Baby Phat Printed Chiffon Babydoll & Thong Set $29.99

Loves ’em!

Kimora Lee Simmons Brands

About Kimora Lee Simmons

Kimora Lee Simmons (née Perkins; born May 4, 1975) is an American former fashion model and fashion designer. She took over Baby Phat after Russell Simmons and was CEO/Creative Director through 2010.

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