Rocawear Slapped With Lawsuit

Remember the Rocawear “I Will Not Lose” Campaign, featuring the baby-faced Chris Brown?  How could one forget, anyway.  Well, the reason we ask is that we’ve heard some news about Jay-Z and Iconix Brand Group who are served with a lawsuit for using the memorable “I Will Not Lose” slogan in Rocawear Campaigns.

Allhiphop reports that the Brooklyn rapper / celebrity designer and Iconix Brand Group were sued on September by a company called I Will Not Lose, LLC, which claimed they trademarked the slogan first.  Jay-Z sold Rocawear to Iconix Brand Group for $204 million in 2007 and have since used the “I Will Not Lose” slogan in a series of campaign, featuring Jay-Z himself, Chris Brown, Three Six Mafia, Ciara and several other celebrities.  It’s said that the CEO of I Will Not Lose, LLC, Reggie Tucker, claims that he has requested repeatedly for Jay-Z and Iconix to stop using the slogan, but was ignored.

Hm.  Looks like some people are trying to get their hands on Jay-Z’s cash and we think the effort is kinda lame.

The “I Will Not Lose” campaign was launched back in August 2007 and includes not only celebrities we previously mentioned, but also individuals who have overcome trials and tribulations such as Devin Rocco who got through Tourette’s Syndrome and Hurricane Katrina survivor, Corey Ricks.  These people share their story of strength and courage through videos posted at and the campaign is supported by online partners such as YouTube, MySpace and Allhiphop.

To us it’s ridiculous to sue something that’s aimed for, get this:  CHARITY.  Proceeds from the campaign and I Will Not Lose-branded Rocawear merchandise were donated to an I Will Not Lose Foundation which distributed funds to charities selected by campaign participants.

We only hope Iconix Brand Group will not lose over this campaign, and as for Jay-Z… well, we also wonder why these people are suing him, knowing that Jay-Z is not anymore the owner of Rocawear.  Weird weird weird.  Oh well, enough of this whole lawsuit hoopla.  We have something from Rocawear that’s so fabulous, you won’t lose anything if you wear it.

Rocawear Signature Three-Fold Wallet for you stylish ladies, and…

Rocawear Official R Cap for you fine gentlemen out there.

You won’t lose wearing ’em!

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