Lindsay Lohan’s 6126 Sketches: Stolen? **UPDATE: Who Steals What?**

Let’s start at the beginning first. You do know that Lindsay Lohan owns a legging line called 6126, right? Good. Now, Lindsay announced in late December 2009 that she will expand 6126 into a full-fledged clothing line via her Twitter, and we quote:

“i need MORE followers i am so sad about this, how can i tell everyone about my 6126 full collection COMING OUT! all clothing.”

So WWD reported this and even showcased the sketches for the upcoming 6126 collection, which is scheduled to hit the stores, Fall 2010. But recent news said Lindsay’s designs was stolen. reported that Lindsay’s sketches for her upcoming 6126 clothing line was stolen by her longtime best friend, Patrick “Pootie” Aufdenkamp. Apparently Lindsay has been friends with Aufdenkamp since she was only 16, and being sort of a ‘sidekick’, Aufdenkamp had access to accompany Lindsay meetings related to the 6216 fashion line. Sources say that Aufdenkamp is starting his own clothing line and has been telling people that he’s going to fashion market week in NYC on February 18, 2010, to launch his line. Lindsay has been warned by close friends to never trust Aufdenkamp, but she refused to believe the negative talks.

Just how great is the collection? Here are some sneak peek of the sketches:

The 6126 full clothing line collection will retail at the range of $18 up to $300 -the most expensive items being leather jackets. And no wonder Linds is all upset, because according to Kristi Kaylor, principal of the 6216 LLC, the starlet put her all into the collection.

“She’s not a celebrity who lends her name to a brand. She’s intimately involved from Day One. She picks fabrics. She looks at trims. She picks buttons. She doesn’t let anything go into production without trying it on.”

As for Lindsay herself, she has taken “Pootie” off her friend list and made a somewhat positive comment to our friends over at

“I should’ve known better. But new year for me and a new beginning! Health, happiness, success and love!”

In the meantime, check Lindsay’s 6216 leggings and steal her style.

6126 Charlie Bleached Denim Legging in Dark Blue, $110.00

6126 Extra Long Legging in Indigo Denim, $83

6126 Ginger Shiny Snake Pocket Zippers in Silver, $114

Sources: WWD,


Looks like this will be a tough case for Lindsay.  Just a day after accusing her best friend of stealing her designs, Lindsay Lohan had to deal with another accusation thrown by designer James Lillis of Black Milk Clothing.  James put up the comparison on his blog and we’re sharing it for you.

6126’s principal, Kristi Taylor quickly responded to James’ blog post with this statement:

“The alleged ‘copying’ claims made by these companies are false and have absolutely no merit or validity whatsoever. Any alleged similarities are purely coincidental. The 6126 illustrations for the upcoming fall 2010 collections do not even describe the fabric content, fit or actual construction details of the garments. This is merely an accusation based upon a pencil sketch with no concrete viable evidence to back up the allegations.”

Your thoughts?

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