Kourtney Kardashian Closes Kids Boutique: Smooch


Kourtney Kardashian and her mom, Kris Jenner started their kids boutique six years ago and now they have to face the economy downturn. Kourtney explained in her blog:

My mom and I opened our children’s clothing boutique Smooch six years ago. My grandmother has had a children’s boutique in LaJolla for 30 years now, and it was always a dream of my mom’s and mine to have a store of our own. I used to work in the store all day, every day, stay hours after closing and was obsessed with it…Smooch was my baby! The energy and love I put into the store truly paid off and in a weird way, the store really helped me deal with my father’s death…I put my feelings into the store!

After thinking about it long and hard, we have decided to close Smooch. This does make me sad, but I also know that I don’t have the time (especially now that I will have my baby boy to take care of) that the store deserves to be the Smooch that we created. It is just not the same without me and my mom there to run it.

That being said, almost everything in Smooch is now half off! All of the adorable furniture and accessories are for sale as well. Happy shopping!! You can always call the store for assistance (818) 222-4211. And you never know what can happen, maybe we will open a Dash kids one day if I am missing it! And for now, the Smooch website has a few of our best items that we will keep up… www.smoochkids.com.

Too bad to hear this news.  We thought Kourtney’s baby would be all dressed up in the fabulous stuff from Smooch.  But then, the Kardashians need not worry, because they still have their other boutique, DASH.

See DASH Collections today!

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About Kourtney Kardashian

Kourtney Mary Kardashian (born April 18, 1979) is an American television personality and model. In 2007, she and her family were commissioned to star in the reality television series Keeping Up with the Kardashians. Its success led to the creation of spin-offs including Kourtney and Khloé Take Miami and Kourtney and Kim Take New York.

36 thoughts on “Kourtney Kardashian Closes Kids Boutique: Smooch

  1. My girls and I love your show and family. You all are so real and we relate to your family situations. You all are beautiful. My teenage girls would like to know what foundation, if any, you all wear. It makes your skin look great. Congratulations on your baby Kourtney. God Bless

  2. Hi to all*** love watching your show,it just keeps me stuck.KEEP IT UP & would like to wish you joy & happiness as you look forward to all the happy years you'll share together with little baby Masin.take care

  3. i love u r show you guys are AWSOME..that is sad to hear but mommy knows best..im sure you will have some other good ideas for the future…

  4. It's amazing how well you ladies were raised. I love your show and it is sad that your closing Smooch. Kourtney your gonna be a great Mom. Can I send my 14 year old to live with ya'll so he will understand that even when your famous that your life still goes on almost like the every day person. Again Congratulations on the birth of your son Mason. Tell Klohe Congratulations too, and Kim that it takes time to meet someone after Reggie. He still has the big head after the SAINTS won the super bowel and I'm from Louisiana.

    • hey iam from louisiana to what part your from and i don't blame what you said about reggie they all have big heads i love kim to she's my fave ppl r downing her but i think they r jealous kim is so pretty iam a big fan to of their show i have 2 of their seasons i have kim's prefume and her work out dvd and her movie and i wish they come and take over louisiana how cool that would be i live in deridder louisiana how about you

  5. This stinks! I loved that store. It looked so cute and vibrate and a great, happy place to work! I wanted to go there to buy stuff for my nieces and nephews! But Kourt, you need to be with your little boy. God bless you and your beautiful family on your new journey.

  6. My daughter and I love to watch all your shows. Actually my daughter is the one that got me to watching! Keep on making the shows! Good luck and God bless you all!

  7. ive always wanted to go to Smooch, or Dash! i might be the only 10 year old who watches your show! *shy smile* 🙂 but anyways, Khloe congrats on your marriage/wedding! kourtney, ur gonna be a great mom! (well u r!) Kim i totally agree with Vicki Populis! btw my name is Chloe` 😀 well i luv u girls keep up the gud work! 😀

  8. Hello, I love your show. always tuneing in with my daughter, we are looking foward to the new season. Tuneing in from Navajo, N.M. Mea and Alesha Kinsel.

  9. Hii Kardashions !! I've never been 2 smooch or dash but I'm really looking foward 2 🙂 . And I'm a huge fan of ur show !! I'm a 10 yr old fan of ur show -smiles-….well anyways congratzwit ur baby(kourtney) and congratz wit ur marriage(khloe) !!! ily !!!

  10. So sorry to hear you closed your kids boutique. If you are looking for something for your child, check out Linkasboutique.com.

  11. Hallo this is Ashjan from Saudi Arabia

    i am a big fan of the

    kardashianfamily and i am sooooo in love with the clothes style in smooch & DASH

    i was wondering if i wana buy some clothes from your stores how it’ll get to me because i am in Saudi Arabia “jeddah”

    please send me the website of smoochkids & DASH


    and please replay my e-mal please please please

    have anice day


  12. I love you all and watch all your episodes so sad about the kids botique i would however like to open a dash store here in south africa might you be interested plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz consider

  13. lovely your show on tv here in scotland,loved it the day you found shorty outside and all the lovely things you done for him.
    you are all very caring to people who don't have anything keep up the good work girls,looking forward to the next series of your show xxx

  14. hey my name is katie and i am only 12 years old. i love watching yalls show. i could watch it for hours. i have always imagined of meeting yall,but i know that will never happen. yall are so pretty i wish i looked like yall but i have blond hair and that color is way off compared to yalls.out of all of yall my sister says i act just like khloe and i agree with her. well i could type yall for like ever but then yall might get annoyed with me well try to type beck later bye.

  15. hello girls. love ur show.hw is little baby mase doing.fine i guess.well wantd to know how i culd be a clohtier like u gals.rregards to all.

  16. I love the DASH store,,
    you can find exclusive clothes in there.
    and SMOOCH,, has the best clothes for children!!
    i just love the kardashians

  17. Hello! I just want to say that I love you guys. I’m a huge fan of the show and I watch it all the time. Im sad to hear about the closing of smooch. I never got the chance to go and see the store but hopefully one day I will go see the Dash store. Love to you all!!!


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