Goodies Under $50 From Mama Knowles

It’s probably sick that we love our mama Knowles too much, but come on, bear with us today because we found some Beyonce-licious goodies designed by her mom, Tina Knowles, and they’re all under $50. We’re red-blooded fabulous girls and we can’t simply pass these up. Seriously.

Miss Tina Wood and Gold-Color Bead 6

Miss Tina Wood and Gold-Color Bead Stretch Bracelet $42.87. Gold and wood mixed up real well. We’re totally feelin’ it.

Miss Tina Jacquard Hobo with Zipper Details

We like hobos for everyday use, and we like a different touch of monograms. Miss Tina Jacquard Hobo With Zipper Details has ’em all, and it’s only $49.90.

Miss Tina Logo Clutch with Chain-Link Detail

Suggesting something to wear on weekend nights in the middle of the week takes out us of boredom. And we are suggesting the Miss Tina Logo Clutch With Chain-Link Detail, a total steal for $29.90.

Miss Tina Serpent Scene Stretch Belt

And finally, the best-selling item on all Miss Tina collection: the $10 Miss Tina Serpent Scene Stretch Belt. $10 dollars to make a million-dollar look? We say it’s brilliant.

Loves ’em!

Tina Knowles Brands

About Tina Knowles

Celestine Ann “Tina” Beyincé (born January 4, 1954) is an American businesswoman and fashion designer known for her House of Deréon and Miss Tina by Tina Knowles fashion brands. She is the mother of singers Beyoncé and Solange Knowles, and is the ex-wife of Mathew Knowles, the manager of Destiny’s Child as well as Beyoncé and Kelly Rowland until 2011.

3 thoughts on “Goodies Under $50 From Mama Knowles

  1. I happen to be watching the Tara Banks show today and Tina Knowles was on there with make overs and her clothing line. I must say it was spectacular!!!! It was classy at its BEST. Please keep up the great work. You are really in touch with what women are in need of. PLEASE KEEP ON DESIGNING.

  2. oct 2,2010,i saw miss knowles,on 13 eyewitness news. you go also need to do a book on moving on. ineed to do it,but cant. i want to know how to be tough like you. love you,a 50 yr old from brookshire texas

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