Funny Political T-Shirt From Diddy!

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See, everybody in the entertainment world is getting all political because it’s almost time for the election.  Young and old, men and women, black and white are encouraging people to vote.  We wanted to feature more political t-shirts for ya, but we thought we’d leave it for TI’s AKOO “Respect My Vote”.

But aside from TI, Jay-Z and a lot of other stars gone political, celebrity designer Diddy also wants to make a point.  Today we found this funny funny t-shirt from Diddy’s Sean John Collection.  You got it, peeps, the rap mogul’s clothing line does have quite a sense of humor (remember his ‘I Am Walking Royalty’ T-shirt?) and we’d like to share our pick ‘humour du jour’ with ya.

It’s bold, it’s daring, and if you’re kinda tired already with political t-shirts, why not promote yourself?  LOL!  The Sean John “I Am The Black American Dream” T-shirt is available for $36.

We love love love it!

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About P. Diddy

Sean John Combs (born November 4, 1969), also known by his stage names Puff Daddy, Diddy, and P. Diddy, is an American rap singer, record producer, actor, and entrepreneur. Combs was born in Harlem and grew up in Mount Vernon, New York. He worked as a talent director at Uptown Records before founding Bad Boy Records in 1993. He signed The Notorious B.I.G. and profited from the success of the artists he signed. He released his debut album No Way Out in 1997, which has been certified seven times platinum and was followed by successful albums such as Forever (1999), The Saga Continues… (2001) and Press Play (2006). In 2009 Combs formed the musical group Diddy – Dirty Money and released the critically well-reviewed and commercially successful album Last Train to Paris (2009).

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