Chloe Sevigny’s Opening Ceremony For Men

After a somewhat lukewarm success on her Opening Ceremony line, celebrity designer Chloe Sevigny is still not stopping.  There’s a buzz that Ms. Sevigny will branch out to menswear.  That is right.  While her women’s line is demeaned to be rather ‘cute but weird’ by some fashion commentators, we are seriously curious about what she’ll dress the men with.

Sevigny’s statement on the buzz:

“Not only did I want to do something for the guys in my life, but a lot of my girlfriends prefer to wear men’s stuff…I think what they like about men’s clothes is the fit. So I don’t want to change that. It’ll be a new challenge.”

We imagine it would be a huge challenge as it’s probably gonna be hard dressing up men in leggings and retro-fabulous dresses like she did on her Opening Ceremony lookbook for women.  But as she stated above, the Opening Ceremony line for men will also have a women’s version which differs only in sizes and minor cuts.  Wow.  Now we are intrigued big time.

There’s no confirmation yet on when the line will drop, but we will update when we hear!

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