Baby Phat Scrubs!

See, this is why we love Kimore Lee Simmons to bits.  The girl isn’t just pretty, she has brains and boy do we wanna get some of her business sense.  Just take a look at her collection that’s dedicated to the angels who takes care of us when we are sick.  Scrubs!  That’s right.  The Baby Phat Fine Medical Apparel would take all the patient’s fear of seeing the classic blues and greens away.  Take a good look at these divalicious medical wears.

Daaayyuumm!  We didn’t expect that to be something one would wear when taking care of patients.  The Ruby scrubs caught our eyes in an instant.  Loves it.

The Haute Lab Coat for hot hospital workers.  If we didn’t know any better, we would’ve just taken the coat and go to a coctail party sans innerwear and pull a Salma Hayek.

Fierce! This Leopard Mock Wrap Top is definitely injected with the right dose of fabulosity.  Only Kimora has this sass and anyone beside her… follower alert.

And the Signature Slim Pant, made for those very active days.  Not so much of a show off, the logo at the bottom is a modest but fab way to show that you don’t only care for your patients, you take good care of yourselves too!

We could go on and on gushing about these very special designs for very special people doing very special things, but we don’t wanna bore you.  Just visit the official Baby Phat Scrubs website and see why we think the line is so great.

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About Kimora Lee Simmons

Kimora Lee Simmons (née Perkins; born May 4, 1975) is an American former fashion model and fashion designer. She took over Baby Phat after Russell Simmons and was CEO/Creative Director through 2010.

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