Another Look At Beyonce’s Dereon Bedding Line

A couple of months ago we revealed that Beyonce is releasing a bedding line. Although we gave you a preview of the gorgeous sheets and pillow covers, Dereon released new images of the bedding line.

Are you feeling them?  Because we do!

Beyonce’s mom, Tina Knowles told VIBE magazine about her fondness of bedding design:

“I’ve always done my bedding and (bedding) for friends and my daughters. I designed bedding and draperies, and I love home, so it’s been a dream to do the bedding. I mean it’s been an interest of my daughters as well, because they designed their own bedding, and you know, it’s just a fun project.”

The Dereon Bedding Collection consists of designs named after Beyonce’s hits like “Halo” and “Sweet Dreams”, and features the Dereon glamor rhinestones and detailed pin tucking. But despite their classy outlook, the Dereon bedding lineup won’t burn a hole in your pocket. House of Dereon Bedding Collection will retail at $149.99 to $199.99, while the Dereon Bedding Collection -which targets the younger and hipper audience will range from $49.99 up to $99.99.

If you’re still thinking whether it’s worth it to ‘splurge’ on well-designed beddings, Tina Knowles has some thoughts.

“Well, I think that the one thing that they should look for is something that they’re going to feel really relaxed and serene in, because your bedroom is your sanctuary. Even when I was a teenager or a young adult, and I didn’t have any money, my bedding was nice, and I would splurge on that because that’s where you lay in bed and you get a lot of your comfort from. You should look for something that’s really comfortable that makes you feel like a queen. I think these beds reflect all different personalities.”

So which diva are you?


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  1. fatu sankoh says:

    i cant wait to get it for my bed bey and her mother do good work anything i bougth from them is well worthit the heat perform the nacklase the hand bag the heat ring i can go on and on god bless for putting out good things

  2. lilkunta says:

    bullshit. unless these 2 are handsowing it themselves this is more overprices crap.

  3. john smith says:

    lol……………………i ♥ diz

  4. erica buchanan says:

    i like tha beding hopefully wen i start my design label shortly after i can start my own bed line my miss tina or beyonce can sponser me and help my dream cum truejust like hers came true erica buchanan

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