The Olsen Twins’ Prescription Pill-Studded Bag at $55,000!

Just when you thought nothing could top $39000, the world’s most famous twins are back and are releasing a new line of bags with a crazier price tag. Just a few months ago, they released an alligator-skin backpack with a price nothing else could possibly top. And yet…

The Sky-High Price

Starting December 12, Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen will be selling 9 limited-edition bags priced at $55000 each. These bags are part of the twins’ high-end (highest end, actually) fashion label, The Row, designed in collaboration with British artist Damien Hirst.

The Outlandish Design

While the price shocks you, the design makes you choke (like a pill would).

This ‘controversial” backpack is the “centerpiece design” of the limited-edition collection. It is made from black Nile crocodile skin and adorned with multicolored prescription pills (as if they were sequins or precious stones). 

According to a rep, a portion of the sales from the bags will be donated to UNICEF. The exact amount has not been disclosed.

Just One Eye, the online retailer which will carry the backpack, describes it as “wearable art work.” One-of-a-kind design and eye-popping price is how we describe it.

Images: David Shankbone via Wikimedia Commons /

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