Ke$ha to Create Faux-Fur Clothing Line

eskimo_jo via Wikimedia Commons

Humane Society International’s ambassador, singer Ke$ha, wouldn’t be caught dead wearing real fur as she loves animals. However, she doesn’ throw flour to other celebs who don real fur, instead she’s trying to offer a friendlier fashion alternative: faux fur. Ke$ha has her own views about loving animals, but staying fashionable at the same time:

“I don’t condemn people for their choices but my own personal choice is that I prefer to wear fake fur. I’m actually working on my own fake fur line. There are so many options that are very real-feeling and looking that aren’t harming the animal, so it’s a no-brainer for me.”

We seriously think her idea is awesome. And as why she joined Humane Society International to protect animals, Ke$ha said:

“It meant so, so much as I’ve always loved animals since I was little. I just feel super connected to them. The most enlightening thing I can do is be around animals. I just love them, my heart melts.”

Awww… that’s so very sweet of you, Ke$ha. We’ll have to wait for her line to drop, and while we wait, we can’t help but wonder… will Kim Kardashian wear Ke$ha’s faux fur? Will Kanye let her?


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