Chris Brown Launches Collaborative Line for Black Pyramid and Pink + Dolphin

Pink + Dolphin Facebook Page

Pink + Dolphin Facebook Page

Chris Brown launched his collaborative clothing line for his new brand Black Pyramid, and showcased the street-savvy pieces as his follow-up foray into the fashion world after creating the Mechanical Dummy brand a while ago. The singer also partnered up with Pink + Dolphin store and produced t-shirts, hats, and hip-hop style hoodies plus other accessories aimed for the young market. The singer stated:

“It’s about friendship. It’s just like fashion and hanging out. Being able to collab with them, with my brand…It’s just getting off heat for what’s coming and what the future holds.”

Chris Brown combines the logos of both companies, creating an image of an upside-down black pyramid with pink dolphins rising from the top. This collaborative line includes accessories and casual tops adorned with stenciled iconography with fun drawings against monotone backgrounds (black and gray). Pink + Dolphin CEO, Neima Khaila, said:

“The brand is based on exclusivity – being unique, being different – that’s the whole background. Pink dolphins are real animals – they’re an endangered species – that’s what we modeled the whole brand after.”

Do you think Brown will have a sticking power in the fashion world?


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