Beyonce Showed Support For Obama via Instagram!

Beyonce's Instagram

Beyonce’s Instagram

President Barrack Obama has been re-elected for the next four years in office.  To show support, Hollywood’s darlings have been boldly wearing Obama’s names on their sleeves, making their own political statements.  On the election day, Beyonce Knowles stated that she’s a proud Texan who supports Obama by wearing a t-shirt saying “Texans For Obama” via her Instagram account.

The pop icon and her husband, Jay-Z, are known to be Obama’s strong supporters, who threw a fund-raising dinner not so long ago in New York City. In terms of fashion, Beyonce’s Texans for Obama tee is not the first and only fashion item she endorsed to support the president. A while ago, she donned Obama earrings and designed baby onesies with her mother, Tina Knowles.

So, how stylish were you when you cast your vote?


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