Chanel No. 5 Could Be Banned for Causing Allergies!

The perfume, iconic. The star advertising it, sexy. The ad itself? Sadly hilarious.

However that’s not why Chanel no. 5 is facing a ban in Europe. The legendary fragrance apparently has an active allergen, tree moss, which a lot of people happen to be allergic to. Turns out that a European Union committee has listed down some substances that could put European citizens at risk of allergies, and they’re pushing for perfumes containing these substances to be banned from the market.

However, a French perfumer Sylvie Jourdet said that this banning thing could be the end of the whole perfume industry:

“Chanel No 5 has never done any harm to anyone. It is the death of perfume if this continues. The more you use natural ingredients, the more there is a risk of allergies. Lemon, jasmine, bergamot all contain allergenics.”


Other perfumes in danger of being banned are Dior’s Miss Dior, Thierry Mugler’s Angel and Guerlain’s Shalimar. The EU will release new guidelines for the fragrance industry in January 2014. Guess we’ll have to wait and see what happens. Meanwhile, it shouldn’t hurt to start stocking up on your favorite fragrance!

To cheer you up, here’s Brad Pitt’s incoherent Chanel No. 5 ad.

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