Lil Kim To Launch Clothing Line

In 2004, Lil Kim launched her “HollyHood” clothing line, but for some reasons, we don’t hear from that brand anymore. There’s good news, though, if you’re a hard core Lil Kim fan, the hip hop lady has just unveiled her latest venture in the fashion world as she launched a new clothing line called 24/7 Star: Goddess Collection. The fashion line debuted at Charlotte, North Carolina Fashion Week last weekend. 24/7 Star: Goddess Collection features sexy numbers including embroidered dresses, cat suits and other pieces.

Seems like Lil Kim is trying out everything related to beauty these days as she opened her second Salon Se Swa beauty parlor in Charlotte North Carolina.

Here’s a peek of Lil Kim’s 24/7 Star: Goddess Collection clothing line at its debut show. We’re delightedly surprised by her subtleness and if you’re thinking the line will show a lot of skin, well, you’re not exactly right. The line actually shows a different, more classy side of the typical Lil Kim look, although we can see her signature sexy attitude here and there. So, would you wear the brand?


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  1. Shana Johnson says:

    I want to start my own shoe line and need a good manufacturer!

  2. ShanaJ says:

    Lil Kim's dresses look to over rated to where in the street!!! That's only runway clothing.

  3. elise says:

    i like it acouple of them i would go to the lounge wit

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