Courtney Love’s Clothing Line Coming Up


We don’t really know what sort of wind has been blowing in the fashion world but look out, fashion lovers because you might smell something odd. First it was Amy Winehouse, now it’s Courtney Love. You know, the rocker chick, Kurt Cobain’s widow, the one that barely keeps her boobies to herself. Well, she’s had some glam Gwen Stefani-like moments, but for her to actually design a clothing line? Yes, Courtney Love is designing her own clothing line, as reported by her bud, Peaches Geldof through Twitter.

Peaches Tweeted that a couple of nights ago that she and Courtney are having a sleepover and having a ‘hotel-room fashion show’ of Courtney’s new designs. Rumor has it that the collection consists of cotton ribbed body suits, cashmere harem pants and stitching a ruby into every outfit. The line is confirmed although no launch date have been leaked to the press. But we’ll keep you updated!


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