Chloe Sevigny for Opening Ceremony

Chloe Sevigny has joined the likes of Timberland and Spike Jonze to create a line of duds for the innovative clothing company Opening Ceremony. The company, which defines itself as “a multifaceted retail environment comprised of shops, showroom, and private label collection that establishes a new, international creative forum in downtown Manhattan” just released photographs of the third collection that has resulted from their collaboration with Ms. Sevigny.

Many of the looks in this new collection seem to hark back to the early 1990s. It is full of baby doll dresses, cropped tops, patterned stockings and slouchy caps. It is also full of oversized t-shirts, another 90s trend. These t-shirts, however, are emblazoned with Ms. Sevigny’s favorite Robert Mapplethorpe photographs. Some also show off collages by Mapplethorpe. While some of these t-shirts are suitable for wear in mixed company, others are most certainly “rated R.”

Dresses are an important part of this collection. While the baby doll silhouette is definitely there, so is the Peter Pan neckline and the puffy sleeve. Almost all of the dresses, including the ones that have boxier shapes, have open, swinging skirts. Predominant patterns among the dresses include leopard print, polka dots, floral, and paisley. These patterns also show up in the tights that are used to style the collection. Same goes for the hats. Based on the look book, it is clear that Ms. Sevigny intends for wearers of the collection to mix these patterns.

Of course, it is impossible to create a look that echoes the early 1990s without chunky shoes, and shoes are a big part of Ms. Sevigny’s new collection for Opening Ceremony. The shoes in this new collection include platform Mary Janes, lace up ankle boots, also with platform soles, and tall wedges. The shoe styles come in a number of colors, including solid black and combinations of lighter leather along with lighter sole hues.

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