Celebrity Clothing Donations and Auctions

We tend to think of most celebrities as completely self-absorbed. After all, making it to the top of the entertainment industry requires nothing if not a giant ego and willingness to step on as many people and burn as many bridges as it takes to get there, right? Well, that may be the case, but it turns out that once a star is born, he or she is willing to donate and auction off lots of money in clothing, accessories and personal items for charity.

We were curious which stars have raised the most money or donated the biggest ticket items to good causes. Keep reading for our Top Four List of Celebrity Clothing Donations – and maybe snag a few celeb-approved duds of your own next time.

Ellen Degeneres’ E-Bay Auction
From April 14 to May 8 2009, Ellen DeGeneres held an e-bay auction of items from her own wardrobe, and many from wardrobes of her guests. There were some exciting items up for grabs, including the navy blue blazer DeGeneres wore when President Obama paid her a visit – and even a sexy little dress that Heidi Klum stripped off in front of the audience!

In the 25 days the auction was open, Ellen sold over 75 pieces of clothing and accessories and raised thousands of dollars for the Humane Society of the Unites States.

Justin Bieber’s Lock of Hair
Just this month, an e-bay auction for a single lock of Justin Bieber’s hair closed at $40,668. You read that number correctly – over 40,000 dollars for a lock of discarded hair. But the lucky “Belieber” didn’t just receive a follicle – she (or he?) also snagged a Lucite box encapsulating it, signed by the teen heartthrob himself.

We’d never pay that much money for something so little, but we can’t complain, since every last penny of that price tag went directly to The Gentle Barn Foundation, an animal rescue nonprofit group.

Gwyneth Paltrow’s Spring Cleaning
Gwyneth may have kicked off the celebrity e-bay auction trend because she was the first starlet on the radar with her own personal auction site. Run through her own lifestyle website, GOOP, Gwyneth held a massive “Spring Cleaning” sale back in March and April 2009 and donated 100% of the proceeds to The Robin Hood Foundation, a nonprofit organization that aims to end poverty and homelessness in New York City.

Fashionistas who happened to be a size 4 or 6 dress – or a size 8.5 or 9 shoe – managed to score mega deals on Gwyneth’s fabulous Balenciaga cocktail dresses and luxurious quilted Chanel handbags.

Clothes Off Our Back
Although it’s not a single auction or article of clothing, Clothes Off Our Back – founded by Jane Kaczmarek (of “Malcom in the Middle” fame) and Bradley Whitford (from “The West Wing”) in 2002 – receives a slot on our list. Since its inception, the 501c3 organization has raised funds well into the millions for children’s causes. Not to mention, the nonprofit manages to get its hands on the hottest items – from Screen Actors Guild Awards tickets to Natalie Portman-autographed “Black Swan” and “Star Wars” gear. It’s no wonder why COOB is such a fundraising rockstar!

So there you have it. Plenty of celebritites love sharing their wealth and good fortune with the masses. And after all, what could be better than scoring star-approved designer duds at deep discounts – for a good cause? If there’s a notable donation we excluded from this list, tell us about it in the comments below!

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