AKOO Clothing Line By T.I. is FINALLY HERE

Stacks on deck
Patron on Ice
And we can pop bottles all night
Baby you can have whatever you like
I said, you can have whatever you like

Nah, we don’t really want much, hotness!  We just wanna get our hands on those AKOO swags!

His hotness, our king, T.I. finally dropped his clothing line.  We’ve got a LOT of questions from peeps in the US and around the world who has been anticipating the hot AKOO clothing line merchandise, on where to buy ’em.

Well, wonder no more, because the complete AKOO collection has arrived after a LONG wait.  We know you guys have been going nuts seeing T.I. with his cool AKOO swag running up and down town without leaking where and when to buy.

Now, if you, like us, have been eying AKOO swags like this “Hunting AKOO” t-shirt he wore with Rihanna… well it’s finally here.

Now we know what to get our boyfriends for Christmas.  Below are some of our AKOO favorites:

AKOO Glitterati Hoodie.  Boldly go where no king has gone before.

AKOO Swiss Alps Hoodie.  Women love their men lookin’ sexy, and this is just one of the coveted look.  Yum!

AKOO Mascot Sweater. A TIP for the boys: Ladies Love stylish mascots. Begone Rudolph, ‘coz here comes the fox!

AKOO Blue Pelt Jean for the eighties child in you.

AKOO Reynard Jean to go laid back this winter.  We love.

We still crave for more AKOO stuff, so keep ’em coming, TI.  From what we’re seeing here, things are looking mighty good!

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About T.I.

Clifford Joseph Harris, Jr. (born September 25, 1980), better known by his stage name T.I. (and formerly Tip), is an American rapper, record producer, and actor. He signed his first major-label record deal in 1999, with Arista Records subsidiary, LaFace Records. In 2001, T.I. formed the Southern hip hop group Pimp Squad Click (P$C), alongside his longtime friends and fellow Atlanta-based rappers. Upon being released from Arista, T.I. signed to Atlantic Records and subsequently became the co-chief executive officer (CEO) of his own label imprint, Grand Hustle Records, which he launched in 2003.

7 thoughts on “AKOO Clothing Line By T.I. is FINALLY HERE

  1. T.I. hello I would be honored, to come work with your design team on a women’s line. Sure do wish I could have been in the grand husker film taken. But let tiny n toys know if. They need help are the kings and queens boutique Holland at ya girl I live 3hours away and will locate love fashion. And I admire all of you all’s grind God is good. Be blessed always.

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