10 Most Expensive Celebrity Clothing Ever Worn

It’s not news that celebrities spend fortunes – large fortunes – on their wardrobes. What is most shocking at times is how much celebs are willing to spend on a single item of clothing. Here is a list of some of the most outrageously priced duds ever to have been owned by movie stars, rockers, rappers, supermodels, and other such members of the glitterati.

1) 5 Million Dollar Fantasy Bra from Victoria’s Secret
The 2008 Fantasy Bra from Victoria’s Secret covered in black diamonds, white diamonds and rubies costs as much as most people’s dream homes. In other words, it is the same price as 25 college educations at the most expensive private schools.

2) $2,200,000 Ruby Slippers
We all know women who love shoes. But there is an unnamed Hollywood actress who REALLY loves shoes. Although her name has been kept secret, we know that an A-lister payed a pretty penny for a replica of the ruby slippers from the movie version of The Wizard of Oz. This replica, however, was made with real rubies. A famous jeweler decorated the pumps with over 600 precious stones.

3) $250,000 Jeans from Dussault Apparel’s Trashed Denim Line
At first glance these jeans may look like something that wouldn’t even be accepted as a donation by the Salvation Army. However, they are highly crafted garments that go through a number of dyeing, painting and washing treatments and are adorned with precious stones and metals. Celebs such as Criss Angel and Kat Von D  have been known to wear duds from this line of clothing.

4) $220,000 Necktie
In 2003, the Satya Paul Design Studio revealed a necktie that was made of silk and gold and was adorned with over 250 diamonds which added up to a total of 77 carats. This tie was worn by Salman Khan, a Bollywood movie star.

5) The $150,000 Handbag
Worn by celebrities of all stripes and loved by top fashion movers and shakers such as Katie Holmes and Rachael Zoe, this bag is a symbol of wealth and luxury. While some models are priced as low as $900, these purses can fetch as much as $150,000 dollars depending on materials and rarity.

6) $90,000 Nike Sneakers
Look a little closer and you will see that the swooshes on these sneakers are, in fact, made out of rows of colored diamonds. These bling bling Nike’s were purchased by Antwan “Big Boi” Patton of Outkast.

7) The $50,000 Suit from Kiton
These bespoke suits could easily eat up a school teacher’s entire salary in one go. These suits  are a favorite among the nattily dressed rich and famous gents of the world.

8) $44,740 Men’s Shirt from Eton
The Swedish company Eton celebrated its 80th birthday by selling what has been called “The World’s Most Expensive Shirt,” a crisp white garment that comes in its own funereal black case.

9) $20,000 Vintage Duds
Many top brands become even more expensive once they become old enough to be called “vintage.” This is especially true for Chanel, a brand that is beloved by many stars and has been worn in recent years by Mischa Barton and Selma Blair. Vintage Chanel attire can easily go for $20,000 or more at auction.

10) $600+ for Playclothes
A list about pricey celebrity clothing wouldn’t be complete without a note about the cash that A-listers spend on their kids’ wardobes. We recently spotted Suri Cruise wearing a play dress that costs more than $600. Whew!

Angela Simmons To Launch Her Own Clothing Line

Daughter of Run DMC’s Joseph “Rev. Run” Simmons, half of the “Simmons Sisters”, Angela Simmons, who’s known to be a collaborator of Pastry Shoes, is said to be coming out with her own clothing line: Angela Renee.

We visited Juan Vargas’ website and found this:

Juan Vargas’ clientele include designing for Angela and Vanessa Simmons, singers Keri Hilson and Olivia, as well as for singer and actress Adrienne Bailion. Currently, Juan is Footwear and Fashion Designer for Pastry by Angela and Vanessa Simmons creating a versatile line of high-end apparel.

Okay so they are working together!

It’s said that the Angela Renee collection will be based by her designs and ideas. We can’t wait to see what it looks like or have we? The dress above, which Angie wore to the Essence Black Women in Hollywood Luncheon, is apparently a sneak-peek collection from the Angela Renee collection! Word is, Ang has been wearing her own collection just to test out the response.

Well we know one thing: if the clothes continue to be as fab, Angela has got our vote!

Look out for Angela Renee Collection this upcoming Fall 2012.

NY Fashion Week Highlight: L.A.M.B. by Gwen Stefani

Ah New York Fashion Week. Our favorite of the exhibitors is none other than Gwen Stefani’s L.A.M.B. The label delivered the current flavors combined with the past’s juiciness.

L.A.M.B.’s new collection consists of The “Soldier Girls” a.k.a. military looks, the heavily rastafied “Ragga Muffins,” which features Navajo print, “London Girls” which is inspired by menswear and “Buffalo Girls” which featured blanket plaids. There are also “Mod Girls” which features leopard, stripes and dots and “Glamour Girls”, all blondes, wore seventies jumpsuits and halters.

Here are some of L.A.M.B.’s Fall 2011 collection that we adore.

And here are some L.A.M.B. collection available right now at Shopbop.com.

L.A.M.B. Plaid Bustier Top, $225

L.A.M.B. British Plaid Jacket, $498

L.A.M.B. Caitlyn Suede T-Strap Wedges, $375

Jessica Simpson Launched Prom Collection

If you think Jessica Simpson is just going to sit back, relax and enjoy all the money she garnered from her fashion line, well, you’re wrong.  The singer/movie star/celebrity designer continues to expand her fashion line and now she’s tapping into the prom dress market.

Jessica Simpson teamed up with David’s Bridal and delivered the Jessica Simpson 2011 Prom Collection.  It’s not yet prom season, but it’s lovely to know there’s more options to choose from.  The price range for the Jessica Simpson 2011 Prom Collection is not as bombastic as you’d probably think because it’s a celebrity line.  It turns out to be rather affordable at $139 up to $229.  Here’s a sneak peek on what you might find:

If you’re looking for a more casual look but still dressy enough to wear on this year’s Valentine’s dinner, Zappos has some of the best Jessica Simpson collection and here are our editors’ favorites:

Jessica Simpson Belted Tulip Dress in Mauve, $138

Jessica Simpson Asymmetrical Tunic Dress in Curacao Blue, $98

Justin Bieber To Possibly Open His Own Store

Attention tweens and teens across the globe: start preparing a sales pitch to your parents for an all-expense paid trip to glitzy, star-filled Los Angeles, complete with a shopping spree at the posh new outdoor shopping center, The Grove. Rumors on the retail grapevine say that teen heartthrob – and mini music and merchandise mogul – Justin Bieber – will soon have his own namesake retail store where super fans can shop until they drop. Are you screeching and squealing with anticipation yet?

The Biebs already has not one, but two namesake nail polish color collections from nail giant OPI. The nail empire’s younger, hipper brand, Nicole by OPI, released a fall collection aptly titled, “One Less Lonely Girl” for Fall 2010. After wild success, ferocious demand and worldwide sellouts, the brand decided to release a Spring 2011 collection. The shades hit Walmart stores in the beginning of January and have already sold out nationwide.

The Justin Bieber/nail lacquer collaboration seemed disconnected at first, but record sales proved that the pint-sized crooner has major chops when it comes to selling products. Because his fan base is largely made up of shopoholic young girls (and their parents’ credit cards,) a full retail store in high-end LA seems like a likely next step.

Word has it that Bieber’s people have already taken meetings with the retail development company behind the Kardashian shopping Mecca, Khaos, in Las Vegas. The Kardashian sisters have the same type of star power that creates obsession among young fans. Women want to look like, act like, and spend like a Kardashian – much in the same way admirers want to be close to Justin Bieber. And so far, Khaos has been a success – even in economically depressed Vegas.

Since the Justin Bieber retail store is still in negotiations, only time will tell if it will come to fruition. Insiders say that if and when it does, it will carry everything from clothing to jewelry to toys all bearing that signature Justin mug. Would you take your kids shopping there? We can hear the squeals already.

Mariah Carey To Launch New Collection At HSN

Looks like pregnancy won’t stop Hollywood’s biggest names from working. Pop star and mommy-to-be, Mariah Carey, is gearing up for her upcoming collection at HSN. The songbird who’s expecting her twins with husband, Nick Cannon, will unveil her newest collection of shoes, fragrances and jewelry on HSN, live from her Los Angeles home on February 11, 2010.

Mariah Carey will introduce The Mariah Carey Collection at midnight on February 11 via live broadcast that will be aired on HSN, HSN.com and to Sprint mobile subscribers.

If you’re yet to grab Mariah Carey’s gorgeous fashion items, here are some of them, fresh off HSN and hand-picked by our editors:

Platform Sandals with Jeweled Stones, $169.90

19.80ct CZ Graduated Drop Earrings, $49.95

Sofia Vergara To Release Signature Collection

Television’s newest darling, Sofia Vergara, might have the body every woman wants. However, it’s probably hard to get a body as perfect as hers. So she offers another way of experiencing what it’s like to be Sofia Vergara: a clothing line.

The Modern Family vixen teams up with Kmart to launch her first signature fashion collection, up for its first release this Fall. The collection consists of miniskirts, jeggings, leopard bustiers, tight dresses and sexy tunics… basically everything Sofia Vergara is all about. If you think they might come across as ‘too sexy’, worry not, Vergara herself ensure that her collection is wearable.

“You have to realize that it’s me wearing it. You’ve just seen it on me. All the pieces are very wearable. And we have them in all sizes. We’re trying to fill a hole in the store. They wanted to appeal to a younger woman with something a little spicy. The times are changing.”

Sofia Vergara also thinks this is the best time for her to branch out of acting.

“It’s one of the things I always wanted to do, but this was the best time for me to look for a deal.”

Price points for the collection are pretty affordable. Dresses are priced from $29.99 to $36.99; boots from $34.99 to $49.99, knit tops from $16.99 to $24.99; handbags from $14.99 to $29.99; shoes from $24.99 to $34.99; jewelry from $9.99 to $19.99; jackets from $49.99 to $59.99; leggings from $16.99 to $26.99, and sweaters from $29.99 to $36.99.

As someone who’s into fashion, Vergara made sure she’s tightly involved in every step. But do you know what her favorite piece from her collection is?

“I love the dresses, especially because Kmart doesn’t really have that kind of merchandise. There is no dress department. I also love the miniskirts most.”

Yes, we’re not surprised. But we have to admit, she’s delivering great stuff. Check these out!

The Buzz: Britney Spears Working On “Spears For Sears”

Good news for music fans who once idolized Britney Spears: our girl is still relevant! Her new single “Hold It Against Me” debuted at number one on the Billboard charts last week, and now Britney is going where she once went before: another fashion venture. Remember her gig with Candies last year?

This year, the buzz said that Britney may be teaming up with BCBG to launch an exclusive clothing collection for Sears. Word is, the line will be titled “Spears for Sears” and will feature casual attire. No details yet on the clothing line, but this is a big thing and we’ll keep our radar on it.

Meanwhile: do you think Britney should go on with her fashion gig, or should she just concentrate on her comeback? Dish!

The Kardashian Sisters To Launch Kardashian Kollection

Calling Kim Kardashian fans! It’s official: the Kardashian Kollection will be available in Sears later this year. Kim herself wrote on her personal blog:

I’m so excited to announce that our Kardashian Kollection will launch exclusively at Sears in August!!!

We’ve always shopped at Sears, so we thought it was the perfect outlet for the Kardashian Kollection. You guys are going to love it! The collection includes everything from lingerie, clothing, handbags, accessories and shoes and Khloe, Kourt and I each put our own personal style into the pieces so there’s a lot of variety and something for everyone!! You’ll be hearing a lot more from me about the collection this year, so stay tuned!

Well, looks like the Kardashian-Bebe gig was a practice before the sexy sisters finally unveil their celebrity clothing line on a bigger retail scale. The Kardashian Kollection will indeed launch exclusively at 400 Sears doors in August, with in-store shops.

Kim’s sister, Khloe Kardashian is equally enthusiastic about the sisters’ new venture:

“Not only do they have locations nationwide, but we recognize that Sears will allow us to reach multigenerations of fans and people who are interested in fabulous clothing at affordable prices.”

Kourtney Kardashian also declared the sisters’ love of Sears:

“We love Sears. There is a Sears right near our house. It’s such a great store that is part of America’s retail history.”

The Kardashian sisters are taking things seriously and decided to go big with their newfound partner, Sears. Expect a full-fledged fashion line which will contain about 40 apparel pieces, 20 lingerie styles, 60 jewelry items, 30 handbags and wallets, 25 hats and gloves and 12 shoe style which ooze the combination of Kim, Kourtney and Khloe’s sense of fashion. From glamorous, bohemian to rocker-chic, The Kardashian Kollection is ready to make everyone stylish. There are no words about the prices, but it’s determined that the Kardashian Kollection will be priced within the range of other Sears apparel brands.

Kimora’s Life on The Fab Lane Gearing Up For Season 4

Kimora Lee Simmons (or is it Kimora Lee Hounsou now?), the fashion mogul and ex supermodel is now happy with her new family with actor Djimon Hounsou.  She might have left her Baby Phat empire, and probably is cooking something bigger in her fabulous fashion world, but she’s sure not short of cash.  She’s still all blinged-out from her Hello Kitty jewelry line, and guess what… she actually managed to be signed for the fourth season of her reality show. Yes, Ladies… we’re talking about “Kimora: Life in the Fab Lane”.

If you’re dying how the show will look like, here’s a peek:

Look at baby Kenzo all grown up!  The show premieres January 9th, 2011 on the Style Network.

Well, since Kimora’s still looking fab, let’s just borrow her aura from her ex-clothing line: Baby Phat!  The line is carried by one of our favorite urban clothing retailers: DrJays.com which is having a sale event.  If you haven’t done your Christmas shopping, have your stuff delivered to your door by December 24th, 2010.  Best of all, there are also a 20% discount OFF ANY ORDER (use code XMAS20 on check-out) and 25% discount OFF ANY ORDER OVER $100 (use code XMAS25 on check-out).  This offer ends December 23, 2010 at 12 PM EST!

Here are our editors’ picks for you:

Baby Phat Belted Asymetrical Ruffle Top, was $59, now $43.99

Baby Phat One Shoulder, was $69, now $53.99