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Your wish is their command! Little Mix are launching their new fragrance Wishmaker, and it’s bursting with color and confidence.

Little Mix believe that dreams can come true! It’s their special chemistry. Each girl is a lucky charm to the rest of the band, and they share an instinctively positive outlook on life, and have a passion for fun!

Wishmaker Eau De Parfum is a cool new fragrance in a light-reflecting carton with gorgeous metallic tones, and this oozes style, but with an edgy twist.

Wishmaker is a delicious vanilla and fruit fragrance. The top notes of ripe Apricot and a delicate soft heart marries with the flowers of Neroli and Freesia. An irresistible toffee and candy note emerges on the dry down, intertwined with the creaminess of Sandalwood, and the sweetness of Vanilla.

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