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In a word association game, the name Peter Doherty may bring up words such as “The Libertines,” musician,” “painter,” “Kate Moss,” “drug addiction,” “Babyshambles,” and perhaps even “trainwreck.” Well, if his new line of bits and baubles is a success, his name might also become synonymous with “jewelry designer.” Doherty has collaborated with accomplished jeweler Hannah Martin to create a collection of jewelry for Joseph, a UK-based high-end department store. This collection is largely inspired by antique jewelry, of which Doherty is a noted fan. It is also informed by Doherty’s love of Britain as it was in yester years.

The collection, which goes by the wistful name “Albion Trinketry,” is comprised of 15 pieces which are meant to be unisex in nature and appeal. While it is easy to imagine women wearing all of the pieces in the collection, there are quite a few pieces that could only be pulled off by the dandiest of dandies. Some of the common motifs in the collection include crosses and starbursts. The crosses are often fitted into jewelry much in the same way that crucifixes are. For example, they may be arranged as pendants. The shape, however, may differ so that the component is actually closer in design to the mathematic symbol than the religious symbol. The starbursts in the jewelry are very reminiscent of the Art Deco period, and to a lovely effect.

It seems that Peter Doherty’s day in the fashion world’s sun was rather short lived. In just a few news cycles after the debut of Albion Trinketry, Doherty was back in court for the umpteenth time. This time, he was being questioned about the death of Robyn Whitehead, a filmmaker and heiress, who died as a result of a drug overdose. It is reported that Doherty, who is being accused of possessing cocaine, has landed himself another court date for causing disruptions during this most recent round of questioning.

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