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Sir Paul McCartney might be a successful rockstar in his Beatles days, but his daughter, Stella McCartney, doesn’t take the family name in vain. In fact, she built her own success as a fashion designer.  This year, Stella McCartney designs the 2009 Comic Relief t-shirts which will benefit lots of causes, from saving orphans in Africa who have lost their parents to AIDS to helping older people in the UK who are abused by someone they should be able to trust.


For Ms. McCartney, this is a family affair as she features her dad’s band: “The Beatles” on the t-shirt.  The cute contemporary t-shirts are endorsed by her girl friends, Gwyneth Paltrow, Keira Knightley and Claudia Schiffer.  All of these famous models were photographed by Stella’s sister, Mary McCartney.

The original photos on the t-shirt has been appropriately red-nosed for the occasion, which makes them even cuter.

All proceeds of the t-shirts will be going to Comic Relief, ahead of Red Nose Day on March 13.

Don’t you just love it when stars gives back to the community?

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About Stella McCartney

Stella Nina McCartney, OBE (born 13 September 1971) is an English fashion designer. She is the daughter of former Beatles member Sir Paul McCartney and American photographer and animal rights activist Linda McCartney.

4 thoughts on “Comic Relief T-Shirts by Stella McCartney

  1. I love the comic Relief T shirt it is rocking! I am the manager of a small cafe in cumbria and we are doing what we can to rase money for red nose day the is 6 of us working thjat day and we all wont to wear them but thay are all sold our could any 1 help me find some more? I tryed the net not takers?

  2. The t-shirts are fab, it's just a shame that the words 'limited edition' and 'Stella McCartney' send people into a frenzy of avarice… I can't help wonder how much of the profits people are making on a certain online auction site are being donated to Comic Relief? T-shirts are selling on at £25+ so come on, Comic Relief, please make some more and let us all support the CHARITY!!!

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