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The world’s leading supplier of gymnastics apparel, GK Elite Sportswear pleasantly enlisted three time world champion Simone Biles in their list of official endorsed athletes. In addition, you can perceive her excitement for having a signature leotard series from her tweet:

“So excited to say I’m officially a part of the GK Elite family!”

Even better, Simone rigorously trained in her new signature collection to ensure it was up to the professional athlete’s standards. In fact, her each signature leotard represents her vibrant personality and passion for gymnastics. Also, the four way stretch fabric perfectly fit her athletic frame without hindering her movement or distracting her from training. Besides, she loved her performances while wearing the prestigious GK brand. As she said,

“I am so excited to become a part of the GK family. I’ve always loved training and competing in GK leotards.  It’s amazing to be able to represent a brand that I’ve worn throughout my gymnastics career.”

On the other hand, Kelly McKeown (Executive Vice President of Corporate Relations & Design at GK) remarked,

“We are extremely proud to announce our new partnership with Simone. She is a brilliant gymnast and a positive role model for gymnastics. Simone’s sparkling personality and passion for the sport makes her a great brand ambassador for GK. We look forward to an exciting road ahead!”

Finally, Simone Biles’ signature gymnastics leotard collection is available in kids and adult sizes, for champions of all ages. You can review and buy them, including some fabulous new arrivals, exclusively at www.gkelite.com.

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