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Remember when the Home Shopping Network was the channel our grandmothers watched to order everything from floral bed sheets to fancy food processors? We sure do – and years ago, we wouldn’t be caught dead watching such a stodgy, stuffy station that sold crappy wares to out-of-touch women. These days, television shopping channels aren’t our Nana’s networks anymore. In fact, HSN and QVC are now home to the likes of high fashion heavy hitters like Isaac Mizrahi, and Kourtney, Kim and Khloe Kardashian – as well as some of the hippest beauty brands in the industry, like Philosophy and Mally Roncal’s Mally Beauty. And now Queen Latifah is throwing her stylish hat into the HSN ring with other celebrity clothing designers. We’re excited to see what the uber talented actress/singer comes up with, especially after reading about the girl-power-charged ideas behind her line.

Launched in August 2011, exclusively for HSN, Queen Latifah’s line encompasses everything from clothing and accessories, to handbags and hair extensions for women of all sizes. We’ve always loved Queen for her ability to serve as a role model for women struggling to love their bodies, and we’re thrilled she’s championing the cause once again. She even tells WWD that she’s ready to banish the term “plus size.” She says, “It is a word we need to bury at this point,” and we couldn’t agree more. After all, don’t all women want to wear beautiful, well-constructed clothes that fit and flatter, no matter what the size on the label says? Why distinguish between “regular” sizes and “plus” sizes? After all, it seems antiquated and silly these days, where the average American woman teeters between a size 12 and size 14.

“I’m so excited about it. This is something I have wanted to do for a very long time. I’ve been offered a lot of deals for clothing lines and actually started one that didn’t quite get off the ground but this is like a full circle moment for me. This is a young 14-year old, 17-year old and 22-year old Dana [Latifah’s birth name is Dana Owens] trying to go shopping and actually finding the things she wants to wear or going on HSN and ordering the clothes she likes because they’re there and they are in her size. This has been a bit of a journey and it’s a really exciting venture.”

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Dana Elaine Owens (born March 18, 1970), better known by her stage name Queen Latifah, is an American singer, songwriter, rapper, actress, model, television producer, record producer, comedienne, and talk show hostess. She has long been considered one of hip-hop’s pioneer feminists. Her work in music, film, and television has earned her a Golden Globe award, two Screen Actors Guild Awards, two Image Awards, a Grammy Award, six additional Grammy nominations, an Emmy Award nomination and an Academy Award nomination.

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