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Charlotte Crosby joined the fashion world with a launch of her line Nostalgia in conjunction with In The Style. Celebrity Big Brother winner believes that her collection is the best in the world. As she said,

‘I’d like to say it’s the best range that’s actually out there. It actually beats everyone else’s hands down.’

Charlotte further believes that the appeal of her range comes with its accessibility. She explained,

‘I think what other people tend to do with their ranges is they’ll bring out a range and it’ll all be going out, dressy – things that you’re going to look really glamorous in. You look at the pictures of them in it and you think, “Wow! They look amazing!” But most of the time they’re stick thin, plastic surgery, loads of make-up, all dolled up.’

Furthermore, the collection is for everyone! She designed the dresses keeping the modern lifestyle in mind. She remarked,

‘Wear one of my dresses, go out for a meal and think, “God, I don’t even need to change. I still look great because you can’t see my bloat.”‘

Another interesting feature of her collection is its suitability for quotidian routine. With this in mind, she stated,

‘My range is realistic, compared to other range where you’d probably only wear it on a night out or going to do something special.’

And now she launched her latest spring-summer Nostalgia range. Her words about it will only make you more excited!

“People that have come to love my Nostalgia collection will know that there’s always a certain style I go for, so I’ll always include some dresses to show off your figure and mix in some more casual looks like shirt dresses and my cheeky slogan jumpers.”

“With this collection, though, I’ve mixed up my usual style with some trend-led influences, so we have some amazing stripes, 70s suede and utility-inspired jumpsuits to keep it fresh and to keep everyone coming back for more!”

In the end, you can buy this collection only at http://www.inthestyle.com/charlotte.

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About Charlotte Crosby

Charlotte-Letitia Crosby is an English reality television personality, model and fitness expert from Sunderland. She rose to fame in 2011 after appearing in the MTV reality series Geordie Shore. She also won the twelfth series of Celebrity Big Brother in 2013.

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