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Nicky Hilton debuted the first collection of her high-end label Nicholai in September 2007 at NY’s Fashion Week Spring 2008. The look, mixing riding boots, leather leggings and 60’s bellhop hats could be described as “Mod Equestrian” received mixed reviews. The line consist of tops, dresses, and a few swim wear pieces.

Nicky says she had many offers to license her name, but unlike many celebrities she decided to do it the “right way” by designing a collection herself. Said Ms. Hilton while promoting her Fall 2008 show:

“I got into fashion design when I was 17, when I designed a bag collection for Samantha Thavasa in Japan for one year. I launched sportswear label Chick in 2004, and Nicholai, a high end, luxury brand, last year. I’m concentrating on fashion. I have no aspirations to be a singer or actor. Fashion is my priority.”

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About Nicky Hilton

Nicholai Olivia “Nicky” Hilton (born October 5, 1983) is an American businesswoman, fashion model, socialite, celebutante, heiress and fashion designer. She is a great-granddaughter of Conrad Hilton, who was the founder of Hilton Hotels.

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