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After launching her collaboration with Stacy Lapidus with the headband designs, Mischa Barton is back with a range of handbags of her own designs! We might’ve been underestimating the actress for quite some time now, but now we’ll say it: she’s quite impressive as a celebrity designer.  Seriously. And she stated that she designed the whole handbag line herself.

“I didn’t have anybody designing with me.  Though that doesn’t mean I won’t – and maybe it would be a good idea if I did. All they did was let me know what leather was out there and send me swatches.  That kind of thing.  There was a lot of sending things back and forth.”

Mischa’s handbag collection consists of clutches, shoulder bags, vintage-inspired, Bohemian, and all done in earthy colors.  Well, no surprises there, because even though she’s portrayed in some ‘wrong’ choices of clothes sometimes, Mischa is known for her good taste in designer items.  Mischa’s favorite from her own line is the Marissa, named after character in “The OC”.  Yes, there are a double S there, unlike the real character name “Marisa”.  Avoiding copyright infringement?  Smart move.

Here are a couple of Mischa Barton’s handbag designs.


The Marissa Bag


The Leonie Bag


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About Mischa Barton

Mischa Anne Barton (born 24 January 1986) is an English-Irish film, television, and stage actress, and occasional fashion model with British, Irish, and American citizenship. She began her acting career on the stage, appearing in Tony Kushner’s Slavs! and took the lead in James Lapine’s Twelve Dreams at New York’s Lincoln Center. She made her screen debut, making a guest appearance on the American soap opera All My Children (1996). She then voiced a character on the Nickelodeon cartoon series KaBlam! (1996–1997). Her first major film role was as the protagonist of Lawn Dogs (1997), an acclaimed drama co-starring Sam Rockwell. She continued acting, appearing in major box office pictures such as the romantic comedy, Notting Hill (1999) and M. Night Shyamalan’s psychological thriller, The Sixth Sense (1999). She also starred in the critically acclaimed indie crime drama Pups (1999).

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  1. I always thought that Misha Barton was one of the hottest celebs out there. I feel in love with her with the OC but what I did not realize is that she was in that movie where those two 14 year olds start having sex and have a baby and the boys mom is a slut that is going out with that native american guy who gets mad that she let her son do this.

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