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Jewel-junkie Kristin Chenoweth launched her exclusive signature line with live content retailer HSN in 2015. According to Kristin, she has enough experience in designing for her own imaginative style. Now, she felt delighted for the opportunity to use her creative skills for others as well. As she said,

“I have been designing my own stuff for many years. Finally, I have a way to show the world. I think it’s yet another wonderful outlet for me to speak – just like music has been. It’s the same when you write a song – you’re leaving your mark.”

No doubt, Kristin made her collection panache using her designing skills and experience. In fact, she combined classic symbols with modern looks to create a jewelry collection of wearable, mixable and layer-able pieces. Besides, it gets more exciting with features such as sterling silver and gold plated sterling silver pieces. Finally, you can buy the whole collection exclusively at HSN.

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