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Jill Zarin quickly became the darling of The Real Housewives of New York City by simply being herself. She’s warm, she’s boisterous and, if she’s sometimes overbearing, she seems to make up for it with humor and good intentions. Another reason why many viewers seemed to identify with Mrs. Zarin is that, unlike most of her co-stars, she’s got a body shape that is closer to that of average American women. While most of the other New York City housewives that are featured on the show are runway ready 24/7, Mrs. Zarin owns up to her curves. And now she is turning her daily task of dressing a curvy body into a business.

The name of Jill Zarin’s new business is Sqweez, a line of body shapers that the feisty redhead hopes will capture some of the Spanx audience. In a recent interview, the entrepreneur explained that these body shapers will offer a number of features that are not offered by Spanx. For one, she explained that the garments will be much more affordable. “It’s an alternative to Spanx,” she explained in an interview with People Magazine, “and I’m selling them for a lot less money.” Also, she’s planning on offering a line of body shapers for men as well.

There are, in fact, two companies in one. There is Sqweez Wear and Sqweez Couture. According to the same interview quoted above, Mrs. Zarin is currently working on getting her lines into a number of department stores. When asked about what she anticipates for her product, she was very enthusiastic and hopeful. “It’s going to be everywhere,” she said. This is not Zarin’s first foray into the world of entrepreneurship. She also has a line of bedding that is available from Bed Bath and Beyond. We’ll keep an eye on this new project and find out who decides to get Sqweez’d.

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