Jeffree Star’s T-shirts, hoodies and accessories were ranked #1 on
Star is an American model, fashion designer, make-up artist and singer-songwriter residing in the Los Angeles area. He is an Internet celebrity known for his popularity on MySpace as well as his fashion line. Star has leveraged his fame as an androgynous model and aesthetic talents to launch his own clothing line and forays into acting and DJing. On August 30, 2008, Jeffree Star announced that he started his own record label called Popsicle Records. Star’s T-shirts, hoodies and accessories were ranked #1 on The company later decided to conduct an interview with Star for their website.

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About Jeffree Star

Jeffrey Lynn Steininger, better known by his stage name Jeffree Star, is an American model, fashion designer, makeup artist, DJ, and singer-songwriter residing in Beverly Hills, California. He started his music career on MySpace with over 25 million plays on his self-released music. He is known for his fashion line and his transgressive, gender-bending appearance and persona.

14 thoughts on “Jeffree Star for Hot Topic

  1. Jefree star is amazing. He’s clothing lines are all around adoreable and he’s a musical genuis. At first sights of him its hard to tell that he is as great as he is, but if you go to his myspace and read his blogs he has a lot more depth. He’s one big delicious surprise:]

  2. jeffree star is the best person in the world. i love him to death and if i could meet him i would rip him to shreed and id do him… lol… he has enspierd me to be something in my life and i thank you so much jeffree… i may only be 14… but i do the true meaning of homosexualy… and thats what i am… thank you…

    p.s i hate jiggaboo

  3. Jefree Star reallt knows go to make it look like he's a girl….LOL i love him he remixes hella good songz …….I FUCKIN LOVE JEFFREE STAR

  4. he is amazing omg!!!! the best and that's is cumming from a prep here self dont judge a book by its cover. you never know whats in store.:) I love you

  5. damn i luv j star hes my idol! hes amazing i luv the fact hes not scared to be different… hes sexy has amazin music hair makeup everything about this guy is awesome! hes hella rad bitches

  6. I love Jeffree star and will love him until I die. Sure some of his songs are strange but, they are unique and catchy! I'm still rather young so I cant get a myspace or buy stuff bu whats that matter? Half my heart goes to Jeffree and half to Japan(Who needs to love anything else?!)

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