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American singer and actress, Ashley Tisdale collaborated with BH Cosmetics and recently launched her signature makeup line, Illuminate by Ashley Tisdale. Ashley believes in sharing her makeup collection with her fans.

“Beauty has always been one of my passions, & I’m so excited to share my collection with you! (Ashley)”

The news excited her fans and makeup lovers. Few of the brand’s popular products include ‘Illuminating Shimmer’, ‘Enhancing Lip Gloss’, ‘Beach Goddess – 12 Color Eye & Cheek Collection’ and ‘Cream Cheek & Lip Tint’. The list is so versatile that it will leave you ambivalent unless you buy all of it to quench your desire. On one hand, an elegant palette of sunny and sophisticated shades (Beach Goddess – 12 Color Eye & Cheek Collection) will make you a beach goddess by enhancing your beauty for a perfect beach trip. On the other hand, Illuminating Shimmer, a buildable baked powder will glorify your face and body with a beautiful sheen. It is up to you to either indulge your lips in the tempting tones with ‘Enhancing Lip Gloss’ that makes your lips luscious and center of attention. Alternatively, with a touch of ‘Cream Cheek and Lip Tint’ you can add a creamy color to your cheeks and lips. You can get all these quality shades and amazing pigments exclusively at Illuminate by Ashley Tisdale.

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