College Dropout is a sassy t-shirt brand created by MTV Road Rules cast members Veronica Portillo and Rachel Robinson. The core of the brand was their vulgar t-shirts, with slogans such as “Future M.I.L.F.” “Non-Practicing Slut” and “I Love My Pussy.”

We wanted to start a line that gives women a voice. Shirts with sayings are usually built around men and are often degrading to women, so Veronica and I got together and came up with the sayings for the T-shirts. I came up with jokes like “Switch-Hitters” and “I Bat for Both Teams,” and Veronica came up with “Future MILF” and stuff like that, and we really tapped into a market that’s untouched. And the truth is, everyone needs a voice.

The pair wore lots of custom t-shirts while on MTV and were inspired to launch the brand after fans asked to buy the shirts for themselves.

Unfortunately, this brand is no longer available for purchase. college-dropout-products

About Veronica Portillo

Veronica Portillo (born November 27, 1977 in Los Angeles, CA) is an American reality television participant, Playboy model, and co-creator of the College Dropout t-shirt line.

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