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British reality show celebrity Billie Faiers released a clothing line with ‘In The Style’ in 2015. Excited about the decision, she worked with the brand to design every single piece. Besides, she got famous for her love of shoulder pads, curve-hugging bottoms and the odd smattering of faux fur. The collection also included slinky body-con frocks and pretty printed playsuits. Billie revealed the secret about her fashion inspiration in the following words,

I love Blake Lively, she always looks gorgeous! I’m also such a big fan of the Karashians, especially Khloe, she always wears things perfect for her figure and I take inspiration from different celebs. I like to design things that I know my fans will love.”

In addition, she knows the art of producing perfect combinations. Such a refine skill equipped her to create unique collections in the fashion industry. Not only this, she also ensures that all pieces are exactly how she wants them to be! According to Billie,

“I work really closely with the design team from In The Style to make sure that everything fits perfectly. I’m always doing my own research on new things and I love seeing the team as they know exactly the type of things I love.”

“I really love everything I’m working on at the moment, but I would look at other aspects of the fashion industry if the opportunity presented itself, however, I’m a bit of a perfectionist so I’m enjoying putting everything into the clothing and swim wear ranges I already have. I’ve also created some pieces for Nelly for my In The Style collection so I’m really excited to be involving her within the collection!”

Recently, she has launched her summer collection. Enjoy a glimpse of it below!

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About Billie Faiers

Billie Faiers is best known as a cast member on the British semi-reality television programme The Only Way Is Essex.

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