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Lead vocalist of the rock band New Years Day, Ashley Costello collaborated with the Iron Fist Clothing in 2015. They called the signature line with stylish name, Bat Royalty. What is more interesting, Ashley herself carefully designed each item. In fact, she has tailored each item carefully to impart them a promising ‘bad to the bone’ look. Moreover, the Goth rocker showed her excitement in the following manner,

“Yeah! We’ve been working on my collection with Iron Fist called Bat Royalty for a little over a year now…. Stores are starting to pick it up and samples are coming in, it’s really exciting to hold something you came up with and spent so much time on with the people you really care about; it’s just like making a record, it’s really exciting!

I wish I had some of it here, normally if I’m not in my show clothes I’m wearing the Bat Royalty line. I love it; I always say it’s just like making a record, like I make music I wish was out there and it’s the same with these clothes – I made clothes that I wanted in my closet.”

In addition to its unique name, the brand also introduced products with attractive labels. Bat Wing Boot, and Coffin Bag were two of them. Not only this, the celebrity kept the ‘comfortableness’ at the top of her priority list. She explained,

“Well the line has some sayings attached to it, it’s called Bat Royalty and it’s for the ‘hella rad but super sad’ or as we describe it ‘bad bones and bondage’ so it’s a lot of red and black, bones, bondage and a lot of bats obviously! The cool part about it is it’s all SUPER comfortable, I didn’t want to make anything that was like.. well.. I love this obviously [points to PVC pinafore she’s wearing] but I wouldn’t go to the mall with my friends in it or to Disney Land, well actually I probably might… but I wanted to make stuff that was really, really, really unique and really cool with an edge to it but not being a pain in the ass to wear. I really feel like we nailed it!”

So, if you’re hella rad but super sad, shop the Bat Royalty collection exclusively at http://www.ironfistclothing.com/collections/bat-royalty!


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