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In 2012, GK Elite Sportswear, pleasantly announced the inclusion of Alexandra Raisman to its elite list of endorsed athletes. Excited about the decision, Executive Vice President of Corporate Relations & Design, Kelly McKeown expressed her emotions in the following lines,

“We are thrilled to have Alexandra Raisman join our prestigious list of endorsed athletes. She is a dynamic and talented gymnast with a bright future. We look forward to the exciting year ahead with Aly!”

Indeed, Raisman designed some elegant leotards using her prowess as a gymnast and her love for fashion. Raisman illustrated this in the following words,

“I’m really excited to have my own Signature Collection with GK. I have always loved fashion, so this is a dream come true. I am looking forward to collaborating with GK on more designs in the future and I can’t wait to wear these leotards.”

Besides, Kelly McKeown also praised the design skills of Aly Raisman.

“It has been a pleasure for our team to work with Aly on her signature collection. She has a distinctive, creative vision on the styling of her leotard designs and approaches her signature collection with consideration to a variety of looks which range from sporty to elegant. Aly’s collection combines her love for gymnastics and her passion for fashion.”

Finally, you can review and buy Aly Raisman signature leotard collection, including some fabulous new arrivals, exclusively at www.gkelite.com.

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